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As a young, fast-growing site, we provide you a unique and affordable advertising opportunity in Washington State that is simple to setup, no risk to you, and delivers measurable results.

Opportunities include:

Your Ad Here - Explore Washington State

  • Community Specific Advertising
  • Featured Listings
  • Special Event Listings
  • Blog Posts
  • Lead Generation to grow your Opt-In Database

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If I told you that you could get 30 days of free advertising for your business with absolutely no risks or contracts, would you do it?

Hopefully that doesn’t sound too crazy to you, because it’s 100% possible. If you’re even a little bit intrigued, would you give me just a few paragraphs below to explain exactly how this works?

First, a little background…

What does do, and how does it relate to YOUR business?

We created this website in the spring of 2017 to give valuable information to people moving to a community in Washington state.

We have researched and created content for many local Washington communities and as of early October 2018 have over 14,000 followers on Facebook and at times have had over 1500 visitors on the site in one day!

So how can you get in on this? Read on to find out…

How to Get 30 Days of Free Online Advertising For Your Business

Since we’re a fairly new website, we’re offering really good rates on advertising. That’s because we believe that YOU, local businesses are key to helping us accurately represent your local community and help us get the word out about this project. In exchange for signing up for a free trial, we are currently offering the following:

  • 125px by 125px ad for a month on specific [insert your community name here] pages and posts – FREE
  • Ad setup done by us (you just choose a template and provide any logo’s, etc…) – FREE
  • Blog post (written by you) about your community and business – FREE
  • Discount after 1 month: Continue advertising for one year at 50% off regular rates –  Regular Rate = $39.95/ month – Discounted rate = $19.95/month
  • Cancel anytime with no fee’s, month to month commitment, we will NOT CHARGE YOUR credit card until we contact you after 1 month and confirm that you want to continue advertising.
  • Free Tracking: We track your ads impressions and clicks. We can also switch out ad designs so you can split test what works best (may be extra charge depending on the work involved).

Your ad would appear in a group like this on our sidebar (this is the actual size of two ads):

ads for Explore Washington State

We will customize the color or picture in the background and use any custom font that you want. We take care of all the setup, publishing and maintenance. You can also give us your own design as well.

IMPORTANT: We don’t know how long we’ll be offering these discounted prices. That’s not a sales gimmick to get you to rush to a decision, just the truth. We know we’ll be raising our prices at some point in the future, but we aren’t sure when. If you act now, you can lock in these savings for a whole year.

What To Do Next…

Hopefully I’ve made it clear that we really want to go above and beyond with this offer, but I realize you might still have questions. If you do, please email me back and I’d be happy to explain anything that isn’t clear.

No questions? Ready to get the ball rolling?

Simply fill out the contact form below…

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I will get right back to you on how to go through each of the 3 steps outlined above and we can get your ad up and running on the website and being shown to people interested in your community for 30 days at no cost to you other than 15 minutes of prep work.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

Scott Cowan
Founder/CEO T212 Media LLC

P.S. If you look at our website, you might notice some bigger ads. These are 275px x 275px and give a lot more room to expand your message to potential clients. If you want one of these, we are also offering a discount on these…contact me for more details.

P.P.S. A couple of extra “fine print” details: 1) We will not endorse any kind of over-the-top salesy blog posts. When writing about your business, we ask that you keep it factual, helpful and informative. You can certainly mention what you offer, but we would not recommend mentioning the “latest sale” or something like that. We reserve the right to edit any content you give to us, and publish it after your approval of the final draft. 2) We also reserve the right to take down the content at any time. 3) We will only use “no-follow” links on your ad and any links in you blog post. This ensures that we abide by Google’s standards and that we are serving our readers appropriately. People will still be able to follow your link, but search engines will not. 4) If you republish the post on your site and link to us, that is fine, but we ask that you include an rel-canonical tag pointing back to our article. If you don’t know how to do this, we would be happy to help you.

Use the contact form below to let us know if you are interested and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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Don’t see your city and want it listed?  Want to list your business or event? Reach out to us! We have programs available to partner with you for free advertising in exchange for your valuable insight and content about local Washington State communities.