One of the things that we always want to know is what is the weather like today when we are planning on getting out to explore someplace. When you have to take a ferry to get somewhere it also helps to have a good idea if there are any problems on either side that can cause problems for the casual visitor.

Today we added both the<strong> Anderson Island Ferry Landing web cam</strong> and the <strong>Steilacoom Ferry Landing web cam</strong>. The images are located on the right side of the blog. Scroll down to see them. You will need to refresh the page (press F5) to see the images update if you are on the page for any length of time. We also added the <strong>local Anderson Island weather</strong> to the side bar on the right. The weather displays the current weather and the forecast for the next 48 hours. We hope that these new additions will be of value to you.

Please let us know what you think. If you have any suggestions of other things to add to the site please share your ideas with us.