Welcome to the Exploring Washington State Podcast. Four times a week we publish episodes about Washington State.

Our host Scott Cowan has casual conversations with interesting people who are from Washington State or who are doing noteworthy things in Washington State.  The Exploring Washington State Podcast is never scripted and only lightly edited.  Authentic conversations, genuine people, and always local.

On Monday we chat with musicians, performers, venue owners, producers, promoters, anyone connected to the vibrant music industry in Washington State.

Wednesdays we share conversations with business owners, executives, and others who are running interesting businesses in Washington. We also speak with people who are doing creative and amazing things across the state.

Thursdays we speak with athletes, team owners, organizers, and more about sports and sporting activities.

Friday we talk food and drink. Local chefs, brewers, distillers, coffee roasters, cider makers, wineries etc.

Each week you can hear more about Washington State just by listening in. Welcome to the Exploring Washington State Podcast.


Exploring Washington State Podcast Episode 1

Exploring Washington State Pilot Episode

Show Notes Transcript Show Notes Our pilot episode.  Join us on the Exploring Washington State podcast as we travel the state with our recording gear. Having conversations with the people…

Explore Washington State Podcast

Episode #005 Marcie In Mommyland

We talk with Marcie Cheung, creator of the popular travel blog for parents with young kids — Marcie In Mommyland! For more of our current podcast episodes visit this page.

Explore Washington State Podcast

Episode #004 The Whimsical Woman

In April 2018, I will be attempting to walk 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada. I will be walking through California, Oregon and Washington on the Pacific Crest Trail. This…

Explore Washington State Podcast

Episode #003 Boundless Journey Podcast

Boundless Journey Podcast Have you ever wondered how those outdoor photographers get those wonderful shots of the Milky Way at night? Or, have you ever seen someone with a prosthetic…

Explore Washington State Podcast

Episode #002 Musical Mountaineers

Howdy folks, welcome to another edition of Exploring Washington. I’m your host Jonathan Phillips. Our guests today are Rose Freeman and Anastasia Allison, a pair of musicians who call themselves…

Explore Washington State Podcast

Episode #001 Ben Barnes of Steelhead Cider Podcast

Steelhead Cider Podcast In our first Explore Washington State Podcast we interview Ben Barnes – owner/operator of Steelhead Cider in Chelan, WA. Ben explains how he got his start in…