Welcome to the Exploring Washington State Podcast. Each week we publish episodes about Washington State. 

Our host Scott Cowan has casual conversations with interesting people who are from Washington State or who are doing noteworthy things in Washington State.  Authentic conversations, genuine people, and always local.

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For people who love Washington

It's refreshing to have a podcast about Washington that is real and not focused on the usual tired cliches (coffee, rain, space needle, etc). Scott interviews people from every walk of life. A true tapestry of what makes this state fun and interesting.

June 2, 2023 by Alpskier88 on Apple Podcasts


All Things Washington State

Hands down, my favorite podcast! Engaging conversations with Washington State small business owners, musicians, mountain climbers, authors to Farmers Markets, coffee roasters to WCL baseball, restaurants owners, vineyards, organic growers, college professors, photographers, hydroplanes, and flying kites! The entrepreneurial spirit shines here and the conversations are personal and insightful. They’re not over produced mainstream media bites and delightfully feel unscripted. You’ll learn a lot about the guests and the what and why they do what they do. And as a bonus you’ll learn about their favorite local places and the things they enjoy doing in our beautiful state. Enjoy these inspirational interviews with the people who do small business, art, science, food, technology and all things Washington State, hosted by Scott Cowan.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Scott's natural, unscripted conversations with his guests makes this podcast so engaging. Their experiences and insights are so refreshingly real and far from cliche. Each episode gives you a chance to explore a different facet of Washington State - so fun and real!
Team Capsho

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I have been wanting to visit Washington State for such a long time. Coming from the East Coast it is difficult where to go, what to see, but this podcast has helped us decide on our upcoming trip we need to go beyond Seattle! Keep up the great work! Thank you.

This podcast Rocks!
My partner Stephen and I are taking a trip to Spokane mid October to scope out for a possible relocation next year from our childhood roots here in the Midwest Kansas City! I stumbled upon this podcast a few month back when we first started planning our trip and I AM OBSESSED! It’s been awesome to learn so much about Washington state previous to visiting. I love the way you engage with your guests with questions in a framework that really helps those wanting to visit get a look idea of what they should check out. I love hearing what everybody’s favorite food and drink places are. Keep it up! Thanks ♥️
Who knew there was so much to do in Washington!
I came across this podcast a few weeks ago being that I’m from Washington I thought I knew it all! I was so wrong! This is such a great podcast showcasing all things, people, and places you should know in Washington. The episodes cover a ton of different happenings in the state and very interesting people I never knew about doing great things in Washington. Two great hosts of the show as well! Definitely worth a listen!
Vancouver Farmers Market Logo

Vancouver Farmers Market’s Jordan Boldt:

Vancouver Farmers Market Executive Director Jordan Boldt chatting about all things related to Vancouver and the Vancouver Farmers Market.

Andrew Hughes Headshot

Andrew Hughes: A Climbers Story

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The Needling is Skewering Seattle:

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Sidney Wayne: Seattle DJ & Artist

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Stephanie Forrer Episode 123

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Great ShakeOut 2021 October 21 2021

Washington State Great ShakeOut 2021 Episode 122

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Tracey Warren Inspark Co-Working Episode 121

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Dee Vyper Mad Max Cars Episode 119

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Sena Wheeler Episode 118

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